Where to Put Wainscoting in the House: For a House Improvement Project Think about Wainscoting on the Wall structures

Originally going back to the 1300s, wainscoting was utilized by the Dutch to secure walls from the rigor of every day living. In those days sharp tools, boot spurs and other objects made from metal and wood could take a toll on a wall in a hurry.

Today wainscoting makes a great addition to a number of various spaces in the house. Interesting the eye, wainscoting can safeguard walls from filthy boots, unclean hand prints and bumps into the wall while moving items like furnishings. Here are some suggestions on where to put wainscoting in a home next time a home enhancement job is on the list.

In official entrances utilize wainscoting that is made in panels. This will provide an attractive advanced look while still safeguarding the walls. In less formal places, utilize bead board or plywood to protect from umbrellas, knapsacks, bags and shoes.

Wainscoting makes a great deal of sense in narrow hallways. As people carry packages and bags, it can be quite easy to bump into the walls unknowingly.

Staircases are notorious for having their walls banged up. Wainscoting on the walls along the stairs will protect the walls from moving furniture up and down the stairs.

Get More Info Dining Rooms
Wainscoting can actually be rather advanced in dining areas. There has been lots of a guest over the course of history that has actually pressed back from the supper table only to bang into the wall and leave a mark.

Think about using wainscoting if tiling isn't really in the cards. There are wetness resistant wainscoting products that will not warp. This can be an excellent way to safeguard the dry wall from both wetness and water damage.

Leisure Rooms
Similar to the functional capacity of the wainscoting found in dining areas that hold plates, wainscoting with a thick rail can be added to entertainment spaces. Visitors can bite or put beverages sized snacks upon the rail. This is especially good around a swimming pool table or ping pong table where the guests have to keep the playing field clean.

A Child's Room
While the kids will probably not care or observe exactly what is on the walls behind their most current posters and images of their favorite musical groups, sports stars or other icons, wainscoting can be exceptionally simple to clean. Also, it protects the walls from any roughhousing the might occur. It's much harder to unintentionally put a whole in a section of wainscoting then it is a piece of dry wall.

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